Author Spotlight: William F. Aicher

I’m taking today’s post to spotlight author William F. Aicher. William is a strange person, but a gifted one. He first came to my attention in 2018, when I read his novel The Unfortunate Expiration of David S. Sparks. Like its author, a strange book, but one with gifts.

Strange to say strange and not want to unpack it. I say it with affection because I like the strange and the weird. Hmm. Ok. Here’s another go at writing about Aicher. The man is salty and earned his salt. Decades of engaging in creative fields have given him mastery and bitterness. To me, that’s a winning combo. He skillfully crafts stories, short and long, low concept thrills and high concept, philosophy grounded, narratives. I like this mix. I like the versatility he employs as it shows something about him. He seems to enjoy play and exploration of ideas without being influenced by market trends or seeking trite validation through tired tropes. I like his characters. I like his pacing. Most of all, I like his language.

Anyway, there’s these other sides to Aicher as well. Not really hidden sides, but surprising. He is charitable with his time, knowledge, and experience when someone needs help getting started. He rebuilds old electronics. He was a DJ in the DJ craze of the 90s. He makes movies. He knows music. He knows friendship.

Strange guy. Talented writer.

Visit his site to read his latest ~ Calibration 74: A Free Serial Novel.

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