Views, Interviews, & Reviews

Prior to publishing the Eudaimonia books, I’d been functionally offline for nearly a decade. On the return to the Internet, to social media, to sharing written and visual work to the public, to engage with strangers in the ecosystem of people who read and write, to be Micah Chaim Thomas, author & artist, I felt out of place and old. Imagine my surprise when I began to accumulate views, interviews, & reviews!

Audio Interview with Flatline 2 Beatline

I was nervous and spoke in too fast statements about psychedelics, dreams, and my books. Link to stream here.

Discussion interview with Writers Row

I was very nervous and spoke in too fast statements about writing for audience. Link to youtube here.

Reviews (those outside of Goodreads)

These are so good, they nearly stopped my heart:

Odds and ends

If you google me, you will find such intriguing things. A law thesis. Art all over the place. Comment histories on social media platforms I no longer use. You might also find that I once wrote about friend and artist Kate Kelton.

Happy hunting. Enjoy the links.