My personal mythology is something I left behind with you.

In university, I was often told to unpack my concepts and I did. For you, I tried another approach. I performed a magic trick. Yet, it was easily forgotten. The jokes stopped and you stopped.

A strange bleeding reality among competing realities makes its way in a storm of time. Unpacked, I showed you in Eudaimonia and in The Seekers’ Tarot, that what you see is only part of the picture. A real among reels of reals. I showed you a path through the void. I showed you alternative mythology. Did you follow? How far did you get?

Words and images and my little acts of power.

New Abaddon

My appeal to you is my mythology. I need you to spread my works to your friends, lovers, and enemies. Send them to me. Find me again. Lure me out of this New Abaddon. Resolve my personal myth.

With love,