Autographed copy The Little Demons Inside


Autographed copy of The Little Demons Inside, book 1 of Eudaimonia

This is not a love story, but there is love. This is not a horror story, but there are horrors. This is not a true story, but there is truth. In 2017, something went wrong with the world. Or, at least, in 2017, everyone finally saw it. Henry needed to get off the streets to avoid the heat and volunteered for an experimental drug trial. The permanent side effects made his life dangerous and unpredictable. Henry doesn’t know what to do, doesn’t know his place. He’s a broken version of a wandering superhero. Then he meets Cassie. Their connection is brief and intense. These two lost souls are propelled together, apart, and together again in a mind-bending adventure that challenges them to face their demons. Content Warning: This book contains vulgar language and depictions of violence and moral decay against humans, including but not limited to psychic possession and sexual acts under said possession.

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Micah Chaim Thomas

Book 1 of Eudaimonia


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