The Seekers’ Tarot

A full tarot deck and a hardcover companion book of the same title, both coauthored between Micah Chaim Thomas and Lynn-Cee Faulk, sold separately.

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3 novels. 3 short story collections. 1 art book. Ebooks, paperbacks, and audiobooks sold on Amazon. This series is strange. Through the novels, it tells an ensemble cast story against the backdrop of an uncanny paranormal event. Maybe there’s more than one event, but that’s on readers to decide. Altogether, it is something like Urban Fantasy, Magic Realism, Literary, Goth, Punk, Industrial, and ultimately, deeply metaphysical and ridden with my own anxieties.

Art and Stuff

Fine art AND art prints & merch. I make a lot of stuff. Some of it is low brow art meant for a lol. Some of it is social critique. Some ugly. Some beautiful. Stickers, magnets, COVID masks, t-shirts, dresses, clocks, all sorts of stuff.

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