living in urban fantasy

So, here I am, writing and drawing like it is still 1999. I still feel irresistible terrors and strange longings. I have more stories to tell.

How did you find this place? How did you find me? I wrote Eudaimonia pursuant to a dream. Is it urban fantasy? Magic realism? A fever of an unwell mind? For sure, #doom. I’m outside of everything that ever was.

And now what? It doesn’t matter. I hope my work has some life outside of my social media quit. Yet, I don’t want to pay for ads. This is why.

What happened?

what happened?

I deactivated my twitter and instagram accounts in September of 2020.

I needed to focus on other parts of my life.

I’m not withdrawing from art and writing. If anything, my output has increased.

New work planned:

1. The Seekers’ Tarot – book (coauthor – Oct or Dec 2020).
2. The Seekers’ Tarot – deck – (coauthor – Oct or Dec 2020).
3. Working title ‘Departures.’ – novella (coauthor – Dec 2020)
4. The Witch and The Cyclops – illustrated kids’ book (Dec 2020)
5. The Ghost Nextdoor – illustrated kids’ book (Feb 2021)
6. vampire novel WIP (mid 2021)