The Seekers’ Tarot began as a conversation between author, artist, poet, and tarot reader, Lynn-Cee Fauk. We had been discussing personal metaphysics, our mutual love of the mysteries. In this friendship, I found someone who not only echoed my stranger perceptions but who had a larger context than me, a matrix of poetic expression AND sensitivities to the unseen world.

The Terrestrial Tarot

My only prior experience with tarot was long ago. When I was 16, I picked up a very unusual deck, The Terrestrial Tarot. I held onto it through a bit of homelessness until it, like everything else physical including my body, was lost somewhere. The power of the images never left me.

(The Terrestrial Tarot)

Things got real.

So, in the course of correspondence with Lynn-Cee Faulk, we began talking about places where her experiences resonated with mine. I shared how my personal intersections on my mental health, anxiety, CPTSD, lived experiences, experiences with psychedelic drugs, all that stuff, had informed my book series, Eudaimonia. I’m not sure which one of us suggested it, or if the idea came to us from somewhere else. One fine day, we decided to work on a tarot deck incorporating our personal visions of the divine mysteries utilizing the metaphors, characters, and symbols of Eudaimonia.

The Seekers’ Tarot

The output turned into a 92 card tarot deck and a 92 page book containing our meditations on the cards, what memories and visions these symbols had in our lives. This was a huge act of integration of two seekers in the world that so often makes little sense. We took that and titled both book and deck The Seekers’ Tarot. We do not position ourselves as master mages hoarding insight and ritual to make ourselves seem greater than we are. To the very best of our ability, we both humbled ourselves to the powers directing our efforts, some unnamed metaphysical benefactor providing assistance when we needed it. The Seekers’ Tarot is presented with no ego. Only two seekers trying to connect with each other and with, as that song sings, other lost souls swimming in this fishbowl. We are very close to announcing a release date for both the deck and book. Stay tuned for updates. Also, if you can, go to goodreads and mark our book as “want to read.” This will help more than you can guess.

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living in urban fantasy

So, here I am, writing and drawing like it is still 1999. I still feel irresistible terrors and strange longings. I have more stories to tell.

How did you find this place? How did you find me? I wrote Eudaimonia pursuant to a dream. Is it urban fantasy? Magic realism? A fever of an unwell mind? For sure, #doom. I’m outside of everything that ever was.

And now what? It doesn’t matter. I hope my work has some life outside of my social media quit. Yet, I don’t want to pay for ads. This is why.

What happened?

what happened?

I deactivated my twitter and instagram accounts in September of 2020.

I needed to focus on other parts of my life.

I’m not withdrawing from art and writing. If anything, my output has increased.

New work planned:

1. The Seekers’ Tarot – book (coauthor – Oct or Dec 2020).
2. The Seekers’ Tarot – deck – (coauthor – Oct or Dec 2020).
3. Working title ‘Departures.’ – novella (coauthor – Dec 2020)
4. The Witch and The Cyclops – illustrated kids’ book (Dec 2020)
5. The Ghost Nextdoor – illustrated kids’ book (Feb 2021)
6. vampire novel WIP (mid 2021)