My personal mythology is something I left behind with you.

In university, I was often told to unpack my concepts and I did. For you, I tried another approach. I performed a magic trick. Yet, it was easily forgotten. The jokes stopped and you stopped.

A strange bleeding reality among competing realities makes its way in a storm of time. Unpacked, I showed you in Eudaimonia and in The Seekers’ Tarot, that what you see is only part of the picture. A real among reels of reals. I showed you a path through the void. I showed you alternative mythology. Did you follow? How far did you get?

Words and images and my little acts of power.

New Abaddon

My appeal to you is my mythology. I need you to spread my works to your friends, lovers, and enemies. Send them to me. Find me again. Lure me out of this New Abaddon. Resolve my personal myth.

With love,



The Seekers’ Tarot, book and deck, will be fully available for order on Halloween. See the first reading with the deck here, by cocreator Lynn-Cee Faulk.

I’ve talked quite a bit about Eudaimonia and The Seekers’ Tarot. Go down this rabbit hole. Contact me with any questions.

Get In

Christophe Honor̩ РM̩tamorphoses

Mark Romanek – The Perfect Drug (Nine Inch Nails music video)

Ken Russell – Altered States based on book by Paddy Chayefsky

Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij – The OA

Raphael Bob-Waksberg and Kate Purdy – Undone

Stephen King – Firestarter

Nine Inch Nails – Ghosts

Cigarettes After Sex – entire catalog

Fabrice Gobert – Les Revenants

I’ve put myself out there in the ghost walk.

It’s so late, or early. I’m all talked out. I feel pressure. Atmospheric. Gravitational. And it presses inward. Are you still there? Are you still seeking? I must have dissolved out of your world, cut from your life like cropped photos of an ex.

I remember when.


In the season of mists and images, I am a pilgrim in a world populated by ghosts. I spend my days in the past. The future is closed to me. The dream permeates all visions of all things and I know on the outside, I’ve got a book and tarot deck going live. Early orders are being fulfilled. The sense of expectation that I do something about this is real and not real.

Promises, my loves, are an empty currency. Visit my shop. Take a look around, but don’t look for me anywhere. I haven’t moved on, but inward and backward. Who knows, I might surface one day, but not today.

Preoccupation of Micah_Chaim

Friends, I’m preoccupied.

That is true.

I’m also adrift.

The certain strange dreaminess of where I am. Nothing has changed. Everything has changed. Internally, I am a collection of paintings Caspar David Friedrich, Ivan Le Lorraine Albright, and Miss Van.

I shut myself off from the noise outside. Twitter, Instagram, even being accountable and always accessible to too many friends who I love, it was draining me. I’m not built for that. I’m built for dreaming.



Author Spotlight: William F. Aicher

I’m taking today’s post to spotlight author William F. Aicher. William is a strange person, but a gifted one. He first came to my attention in 2018, when I read his novel The Unfortunate Expiration of David S. Sparks. Like its author, a strange book, but one with gifts.

Strange to say strange and not want to unpack it. I say it with affection because I like the strange and the weird. Hmm. Ok. Here’s another go at writing about Aicher. The man is salty and earned his salt. Decades of engaging in creative fields have given him mastery and bitterness. To me, that’s a winning combo. He skillfully crafts stories, short and long, low concept thrills and high concept, philosophy grounded, narratives. I like this mix. I like the versatility he employs as it shows something about him. He seems to enjoy play and exploration of ideas without being influenced by market trends or seeking trite validation through tired tropes. I like his characters. I like his pacing. Most of all, I like his language.

Anyway, there’s these other sides to Aicher as well. Not really hidden sides, but surprising. He is charitable with his time, knowledge, and experience when someone needs help getting started. He rebuilds old electronics. He was a DJ in the DJ craze of the 90s. He makes movies. He knows music. He knows friendship.

Strange guy. Talented writer.

Visit his site to read his latest ~ Calibration 74: A Free Serial Novel.

Views, Interviews, & Reviews

Prior to publishing the Eudaimonia books, I’d been functionally offline for nearly a decade. On the return to the Internet, to social media, to sharing written and visual work to the public, to engage with strangers in the ecosystem of people who read and write, to be Micah Chaim Thomas, author & artist, I felt out of place and old. Imagine my surprise when I began to accumulate views, interviews, & reviews!

Audio Interview with Flatline 2 Beatline

I was nervous and spoke in too fast statements about psychedelics, dreams, and my books. Link to stream here.

Discussion interview with Writers Row

I was very nervous and spoke in too fast statements about writing for audience. Link to youtube here.

Reviews (those outside of Goodreads)

These are so good, they nearly stopped my heart:

Odds and ends

If you google me, you will find such intriguing things. A law thesis. Art all over the place. Comment histories on social media platforms I no longer use. You might also find that I once wrote about friend and artist Kate Kelton.

Happy hunting. Enjoy the links.


#WitchyShit is my favorite. Witches have been kind to me. They’ve been with me from the beginning. Yet, my benefactors remain hidden. Lynn-Cee Faulk and I did not invoke nor avail ourselves to any tradition or entity in the mysteries when working on #TheSeekersTarot. However, we had some assistance. Our hands and words felt guided by an unnamed presence. Was it witches? I don’t know.

The way I see magical acts everywhere is something you can do too.

“Are you a good witch or a bad witch?”

I know the answer.