Preoccupation of Micah_Chaim

Friends, I’m preoccupied.

That is true.

I’m also adrift.

The certain strange dreaminess of where I am. Nothing has changed. Everything has changed. Internally, I am a collection of paintings Caspar David Friedrich, Ivan Le Lorraine Albright, and Miss Van.

I shut myself off from the noise outside. Twitter, Instagram, even being accountable and always accessible to too many friends who I love, it was draining me. I’m not built for that. I’m built for dreaming.



Author Spotlight: William F. Aicher

I’m taking today’s post to spotlight author William F. Aicher. William is a strange person, but a gifted one. He first came to my attention in 2018, when I read his novel The Unfortunate Expiration of David S. Sparks. Like its author, a strange book, but one with gifts.

Strange to say strange and not want to unpack it. I say it with affection because I like the strange and the weird. Hmm. Ok. Here’s another go at writing about Aicher. The man is salty and earned his salt. Decades of engaging in creative fields have given him mastery and bitterness. To me, that’s a winning combo. He skillfully crafts stories, short and long, low concept thrills and high concept, philosophy grounded, narratives. I like this mix. I like the versatility he employs as it shows something about him. He seems to enjoy play and exploration of ideas without being influenced by market trends or seeking trite validation through tired tropes. I like his characters. I like his pacing. Most of all, I like his language.

Anyway, there’s these other sides to Aicher as well. Not really hidden sides, but surprising. He is charitable with his time, knowledge, and experience when someone needs help getting started. He rebuilds old electronics. He was a DJ in the DJ craze of the 90s. He makes movies. He knows music. He knows friendship.

Strange guy. Talented writer.

Visit his site to read his latest ~ Calibration 74: A Free Serial Novel.

Views, Interviews, & Reviews

Prior to publishing the Eudaimonia books, I’d been functionally offline for nearly a decade. On the return to the Internet, to social media, to sharing written and visual work to the public, to engage with strangers in the ecosystem of people who read and write, to be Micah Chaim Thomas, author & artist, I felt out of place and old. Imagine my surprise when I began to accumulate views, interviews, & reviews!

Audio Interview with Flatline 2 Beatline

I was nervous and spoke in too fast statements about psychedelics, dreams, and my books. Link to stream here.

Discussion interview with Writers Row

I was very nervous and spoke in too fast statements about writing for audience. Link to youtube here.

Reviews (those outside of Goodreads)

These are so good, they nearly stopped my heart:

Odds and ends

If you google me, you will find such intriguing things. A law thesis. Art all over the place. Comment histories on social media platforms I no longer use. You might also find that I once wrote about friend and artist Kate Kelton.

Happy hunting. Enjoy the links.


#WitchyShit is my favorite. Witches have been kind to me. They’ve been with me from the beginning. Yet, my benefactors remain hidden. Lynn-Cee Faulk and I did not invoke nor avail ourselves to any tradition or entity in the mysteries when working on #TheSeekersTarot. However, we had some assistance. Our hands and words felt guided by an unnamed presence. Was it witches? I don’t know.

The way I see magical acts everywhere is something you can do too.

“Are you a good witch or a bad witch?”

I know the answer.

PreOrder The Seekers’ Tarot (book & deck)

The Seekers’ Tarot (book) is the illustrated companion book to the tarot deck, sold separately. It contains explorations of faith, biographical notes, and images from Lynn-Cee Faulk and Micah Chaim Thomas, around this deck we made and mysticism generally.

The book is hardcover. Gorgeous. An inspired object of magical intent. More preorder links will be available in the weeks leading up to Halloween when the thing is officially released. Distribution will not be limited to amazon, but globally through many online retailers.

Preorder the book here

Order the deck here.

do it

The Seekers’ Tarot (Sept 2020 Update)

The Seekers’ Tarot is nearly ready to announce a release date. Author and artist Lynn-Cee Faulk and I are overflowing with excitement to share our dual works: the deck and the book. Links will be located here, very soon. Final fixes and adjustments to formatting this week. Go mark the book as “want to read” on #Goodreads! Test prints have been extremely satisfactory. See video below:


I’m thinking about vampires as I work on this vampire novel, The Malcontent. As a teenager, I was saturated in the mid90s vampire revival, Poppy Z Brite, Anne Rice, goth subculture, nostalgia for Fright Night, Lost Boys, and Near Dark, and of course, Vampire: Masquerade.

What am I possibly hoping to add to the body of vampire myth that hasn’t already been said? Does it even matter if I don’t?

There is a proximity to the film Shadow of the Vampire. What drew me in about that movie is that there’s no vampire society. No complex rules of monster conduct. No magic in the brutality. I’m not innately against vampire tropes as they have evolved in fiction, but those narratives are not speaking to me as much as an intellectually uncurious immortal predator who is very old and completely alone. Perhaps, I am also drawn to the vampires of 30 Days of Night in that similar dogma of harsh survival.

My current draft is written in a way to not reveal any interior life or thoughts of the vampire. They simply are.


I sometimes forget that I write poetry. Once upon a time, a poet I knew through mutual friends and whose work I admired, called me a fraud at a party. He was a total dick.

Since having many negative experiences with poets, I have a grudge. One day, Ingrid M. Calderon-Collins changed that a little bit. Please find a few pieces I submitted to RESSURECTION mag.